The mill

The old watermill was neglected discovered and its activity was abandoned for over a decade. This is the first recovered and restored watermill of Ragusa  by a city person.

Thanks to its recovery it was possible to reactivate and make functioning the structure in its original end-use of “Watermill” in accordance with its craft and manufacturing prerogatives and especially with the prerogative of using the traditional grinding wheat process that is exclusively originated from organic cultivations for the production of wholewheat flour in order to be used in typical Ragusans products preparation.

We wanted to entrust the mill the task of “museum of itself” and, with suitable glass windows  and with an artistic lighting system, we wanted to give you the chance to observe and admire the water shed, the original waterway, the suggestive environmental scenario made by spurs and the riverbed.

The Mill is called “ro Mulinaro Giummarra” because of the founding of a scratched inscription certainly made by the miller’s owner on the headstone lintel doorway to the ”Marius Giummarra Mugnajus millstone room.

The background is the one of the historical “Cave Tributarie dell’Irminio” fronting S. Leonardo  stream along a path that goes to Santa Domenica valley that connects with another watermill now completely abandoned and later the Church of Carmine, it constitutes the historical way through the harsh but fertile soil that links the new city, post the earthquake, with Ragusa Ibla.