Saffron farming initial tests

It was in 2013 that started the initial tests of saffron farming, this interest sprung from a stroll through the fields to gather wild vegetables. The wild saffron spontaneously appeared proximity to some olive and carob trees, hence the awareness of the terrain spontaneous characteristics, because of climate and…

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Area recovery

The farmyards were wide open spaces used for threshing and situated proximity to countries and manor-farms. They had different dimensions and shapes, as the square ones, the rectangular ones,  the circular ones were modest in dimensions, at first clay curt, later paved with stones, sometimes delimited by stones, and…

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The restored old Watermill

The mill was restored in 1995 after a long and demanding restoration period of the adjacent premises and caves which are part of the original building. It was also restored the shrine depicting the Holy Family, which dates back to 1875. The shrines are situated in city streets or…

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Olive grafts

The month of March is the right time for olive trees grafts expertly made by skilled persons that handed it down by family traditions.

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Expansion of the plot of agricultural land

We finally found, after researches based on the physical characteristics of the soil, the dirt we were looking for to produce organic Russello wheat varieties to grind in our stone mill; there are 7 hectares of flat soil in Contrada Mastricello, not far from our farm, well exposed to…

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Carob grafts

They could not miss the carobs, the”symbol” of our area. Previously pruned and pilled off, all the parts spontaneously grew in wild and infertile will be grafted so as to enable the production of carobs for sale and carobs for transformation.

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