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The farm La Timpa was officially founded in 2015 after a long process of restoration and logistic planning of a splendid plot of land situated in the lovable carob valley, it is a scenic route in the Iblei area, in the province of Ragusa.

La Timpa produces some of the most sought-after certified organic agricultural products such as saffron, the iblei extra virgin oliv-oil and many other products such as carobs and the great variety of aromatic plants.

The company, primarily agricultural, was simultaneously flanked by handcrafted and manufacturing  activities for the restoration of the historic watermill characterized by grinding stone along Santa Domenica stream in the same valley.

The mill, family-owned for 15 years, fully restored and functional, turns its activities into milling Sicilian ancient grains, organically  grown, producing whole wheat flour with wheat germ, ideal to make brad and typical products of Ragusa.

Colors and scents curse and stimulate the imagination and the continuing seeking out of new culinary combinations. After risking their disappearance, they are now the focus of renewed interest.

Also called the red gold, or, more correctly, the Crocus Sativus, produced in Italy and often certified and organic, it superior in quality compared to the other Mediterranean countries one.

Our company owns a large plot of land dedicated to the cultivation of local olive trees for the following production of a top-quality olive oil.

It is the territory that can make a difference

it is in Sicily, rich in history and tradition, where forcenturies every kind of development and change is intrinsically related to the nature of sites.

Everything can come alive in this territory, even what seems not belonging to our traditions, every plant here can bear its fruits.

It is with this profound awareness that our company has taken different expanded and unusual paths, and they all lead to the research for integration between man and nature, respecting ancient traditions of human civilization.