From garden to plate

Always attentive to the freshness of products and the sustainability of agriculture, La Timpa Experience offers a new activity aimed to the lovers of natural cuisine and organic products, just picked, chosen directly from our vegetable garden, close to the water mill.

The experience includes the selection and collecting of fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs, directly from our garden, fresh products transformed by your hands, in collaboration with our chef, in creative culinary preparations.

We will combine our flours, from ancient grains, dried pasta, the extra virgin olive oil of our production, spices to valorize every single element and to exalt the taste.

A day of well –being, good health and simple food, full of passion and flavor.


  • Guided Tour of our vegetable garden, selection and harvesting of fresh vegetable or seasonal fruit.
  • Visit to the Water mill in function. Selection of dried pasta and flours of our production for the Cooking Experience;
  • Preparation of the dishes with the products chosen and collected;
  • Welcome Aperitif with bruschetta, prepared with the use of our whole wheat flours, stone milled and sourdough and tasting of extra virgin olive oil, an interesting organic blend of our production
  • Lunch with the products prepared during the Cooking Experience, in collaboration with the chef (aperitif/appetizer, our dried pasta from Senatore Cappelli flour and the artisanal dessert).
  • Time: 3 ½ hours;


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