4 Cumpari to discover sicilian grains

A fun journey into the world of Sicilian ancient grains, with strong flavors, textures and unexpected scents. Sicilian street food among bakery products and fried food to discover recipes to repeat at dinner with your friends and take home a piece of Sicilian culinary history. The journey to Sicily through the culinary experience and the knowledge of one of the most important products…wheat.

The program includes the preparation of:

  • “Mitilugghie” with Russello flour (Sicilian fried focaccia) with aromas or cracker with crispy bacon;
  • Pane “cunzato” (prepared with Timilia flour topped with caciocavallo cheese and dry tomatoes) or focaccia cooked in a pan with cheese;
  • Small Margherita pizzas with Senatore Cappelli flour (with “ciliegino” sauce, fresh provola and basil) or small gourmet pizzas or focaccia ragusana with tomatoes sauce and caciocavallo cheese or one type of fresh pasta;
  • Shortbread with Maiorca flour or trats with lemon or saffron cream and fresh fruits or chocolate or savoiardi (traditional biscuits) with cream flavored with Marsala.


  • Visit to the water mill
  • Preparation of the ingredients
  • Aperitif: tasting of our warm bread with the PDO olive oil of our production, two different types of Sicilian cheeses, olives and dry tomatoes, fresh salad or seasonal vegetables and wine glass;
  • Lunch or dinner with the products prepared during the cooking class
  • Wine: red or white wine glass of Sicilian wineries;
  • Time: 2 ½ – 3 hours

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