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Cooking Scaccia

Classic and Gourmet Focaccia ragusana. The traditional recipe of focaccia with the use of our ancient grain flours produced by La Timpa.

A showcooking of the three different kind of focaccia, with tomato and Ragusano PDO cheese, with vegetables and the tomasino gourmet.



  • Show cooking of the three different kind…
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“Hands in dough” (Getting your hands dirty!)

The programme “Hands in dough” of La Timpa is the easy version of the complete cooking class, starting from  the dough, already done, for those who are a little less experienced in cooking, with three proposals to choose from:

  1. Focacce ragusane, campagnola, tomasino and semiluna.
  2. Bread and “scaccioni”, bread…
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Making Pizza

The “Making Pizza” program by La Timpa Experience consists of preparing three different kinds of pizza:


  1. Sfincione, an high and soft pizza with anchovies, tomato and onions;
  2. Little Margherita pizzas with “ciliegino” sauce and fresh provola;
  3. Gourmet pizza with seasonal and high quality products.



  • Preparing the pizza dough;
  • Watermill…
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