La Timpa Eventi

A natural cave to experience the Sicilian cuisine: Experience La Timpa

Near our mill, along the valley of Santa Domenica, you will find caves built around the 1700 for the extraction of stone that later were used as a shelter for animals, storage and also as a place for activities related to stone extraction, such as the production of lime in the “carcare”.

Our establishment, “La Timpa Experience”, is located right inside one of these artificial caves where we wanted to create a magical and charming atmosphere for your nights out and special occasions.

A large open, professional kitchen equipped with a wood-fired and a steam oven, allows diners to observe our chefs as they turn our products into flavourful and appetising dishes, following tradition and reinterpreting recipes at the same time but always respecting the flavours and the aromas of our beautiful land.

You will have the opportunity to know and use our flours with the help of expert cooks and food bloggers, to have fun watching them or trying your hands at it. This way, you will learn more about the history and traditions of Ragusa through its cuisine, making the most of those moments of socialisation and dialogue that preparing dishes together can offer.

This structure was created as a place where to enjoy a convivial environment, sharing ideas, art and culture; a welcoming place where you can get to know a little bit about us in a sober, elegant and relaxed atmosphere to make you feel at home.

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