Cooking Classes

Re-experience the tradition

La Timpa Experience, a culinary journey to the discovery of Sicilian enogastronomic culture with our cooking class. From the ancient wheat grains straight to the dish. Surrounded by an unusual scenario you will learn how to prepare simple and traditional dishes, but perfectly made.

We organize, on request, three different cooking class programme, with the use of our ancient grain flours produced by La Timpa Mill.

  1. Fresh Pasta: with this program you will learn how to make fresh pasta, regular like cavati and stuffed pasta, like ravioli and tortelli. Our pasta is particularly porous, with ancient flavors and a quite interesting consistency, all of that enriched with our fresh sauces made with tomatoes, basil, spices, local produced cheeses and vegetable;
  2. Focaccia cooking class: you’re preparing with us three different kind of “scacce”, typical of Ragusa province, Campagnola with Ragusano PDO cheese and tomatoes sauce, eggplant scaccia and tomasino, with ricotta cheese and sausage.
  3. Arancine: two different kind of arancine, one with saffron, produced by La Timpa, and ragout and the other Norma style, with eggplant and “cuturro” wheat breading


  • Visit to the Water mill
  • Preparation of the ingredients (depends on the Cooking class chosen)
  • Aperitif: tasting of bruschette with evo and Sicilian aromas and two different kind of Sicilian cheeses and a glass of wine;
  • Seasonal dish: fresh salad or seasonal vegetables;
  • Dessert: biancomangiare with almonds crispy biscuits or other types of homemade desserts, such as tarts and homemade cakes;
  • Wine: Sicilian red or white wines;
  • Cooking class: 3 ½ hours

Our Cooking Classes

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