Cooking Classes

Re-experience the tradition

La Timpa Experience, a culinary journey to the discovery of Sicilian enogastronomic culture with our cooking class.

We organize, on request, three different programme with the use of our wholewheat flours from Sicilian ancient grains produced by La Timpa watermill.

Chooce your cooking class:

  • Making Pizza (homemade style)
  • Scacce
  • Fresh Pasta


  • Visit to the watermill
  • Preparation of the ingredients (depending on the cooking class programme)
  • Welcome: bruschetta with evo and Sicilian aromas, two different kind of Sicilian cheeses and a glass of wine
  • Seasonal dish: fresh salad or seasonal vegetables
  • Dessert: Lemon biancomangiare with Maiorca shortcrust crumble or fried sweet ravioli stuffed with ricotta and honey or other artisanal sweets
  • Wine:Sicilian red or white wines

Timing: 3 ½ hours

Our Cooking Classes

Fresh pasta

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Making Pizza

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