The Farm

Landscape information

The farm La Timpa is part of the carob tree valley and arises in the Mediterranean Iblei scrub background, it is characterized by Mediterranean climate with mild winters and long and arid summers.

The Mediterranean scrub is characterized by shrub species such as mastic and red juniper and other bushy species as the well known rosemary, the wild asparagus and the caper.

The vegetation grows on slope and shallow soils and it is subjected to rapid drainage and it is an example of microenvironment, providing food and shelter for insects, amphibians like frogs and toads, reptiles, birds and mammals such as foxes, rabbits, weasels.

It could easily happen to you, walking in the Timpa little streets, to see hunting hawks, buzzards and other birds of prey just looking the sky.

Our work is based on the following values: the recovery of territory and traditions, the natural production, within an agricultural ecosystem and an environmentally sustainable development.


Agricultural ecosystem


Ancient traditions


Organic production

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