The olive grove

The olive grove is one of the main activities of La Timpa, is located in the district of Pizzillo, in the valley of carob tree, between Ragusa and Scicli, an area immersed by nature and known for its agricultural vocation.

The project started in 2016 with the grafting of wild olive trees, present in a massive way throughout our territory. About 250 plants have been grafted, over the years and 750 new plants have been planted.

The olive grove is characterized by native cultivars of the Irminio Valley (Biancolilla, Verdese, Nocellara messinese and Moresca varieties) and in 2022 the project is realized with the production of PDO Monti Iblei, Irminio valley, an organic blend of extra virgin olive oil.

Intense fruity, golden color, the oil PDO Monti Iblei La Timpa, stands out to the nose for hints of fresh almond as well as notes of fresh aromatic herbs. On the palate, it is delicate and enveloping, characterized by an elegant bitter component and a distinct hint of artichoke a lively and persistent spicy that connotes the final part of the taste.

It is an extra virgin olive oil well balanced and harmonic with an interesting personality. Its characteristics make it able to enhance many dishes of Mediterranean gastronomy.

It expresses the best of itself raw, tasted with soft and fragrant bread produced with our flours of ancient Sicilian grains but also with fresh cheeses, raw seafood and shellfish. Try it, also in combination with pasta dishes, raw, including dry pasta with fresh vegetables or with salads of tomato and steamed vegetables.

Our tree, our work, our pride!

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