La Timpa: time and nature

Masters of our time, self-aware, we respect the nature that surrounds us, we take care for the small things, we research for raw materials cultivated and treated as the past experience has taught us. The cultural tradition is completed with progress and environmentally sustainable technological innovation, this is our project.

You can afford the turning off internet connection, enjoying the time and the amazing places offered by the nature. You can exclusively listen to animal sound, as the bird of prey cry, surrounded by the powerful and lush life.

Enjoy the beautiful colors of saffron flowers, inebriate your smell with their intense  scent and

then furthermore lavender and herbs. Taste fragrant brown bread made with ancient Sicilian grains cultivated according to original artisan methods.

Walk free in the sunny roads between lush carob and olive trees framed with the typical Sicilian dry stone walls. You can’t miss to drink a good glass of red wine combined with the unique scents and tastes, and the unforgettable sunset over the sea.

The winter sun, the stars at night, the silence and the appreciation of the territory through self-discovery. It is that what we want to give, this is our dream, our passion.

Project Timeline

November 2022

November 14, 2022

Cooking Demo

Cooking demo, a show cooking of traditional products and gourmet version prepared by our chef with the

use of our ancient grain flours produced by La Timpa.

We offer two ...

Cooking Classes

April 2022

April 6, 2022

La Timpa Special Edition for Winter

Cooking Classes

Re-experience the tradition

La Timpa Special Edition for winter

A program designed for those who want to know and learn how to cook ...

Cooking Classes

February 2022

February 12, 2022

From garden to plate

Always attentive to the freshness of products and the sustainability of agriculture, La Timpa Experience offers a new activity aimed to the lovers of natural cuisine and organic ...

Cooking Classes

January 2020

January 30, 2020

“Hands in dough” (Getting your hands dirty!)

The programme “Hands in dough” of La Timpa is the easy version of the complete cooking class, starting from  the dough, already done, for those who are a little less experienced in cooking, with ...

Cooking Classes
January 30, 2020

Making Pizza

The “Making Pizza” program by La Timpa Experience consists of preparing three different kinds of pizza:


  1. Sfincione, an high and soft pizza with anchovies, tomato and onions;
  2. Little Margherita ...
Cooking Classes
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