Making Pizza

The “Making Pizza” program by La Timpa Experience consists of preparing three different kinds of pizza:


  1. Sfincione, an high and soft pizza with anchovies, tomato and onions;
  2. Little Margherita pizzas with “ciliegino” sauce and fresh provola;
  3. Gourmet pizza with seasonal and high quality products.



  • Preparing the pizza dough;
  • Watermill visit
  • Aperitif: tasting of bruschette with evo and Sicilian aromas, two different kind of Sicilian cheeses, olives, dry tomatoes and a glass of wine;
  • Lunch: with pizzas prepared during the cooking class;
  • Dessert: blancmange or ricotta mousse or other types of homemade desserts, such as tarts and homemade cakes
  • Wine: a glass of red or white Sicilian wines
  • Time: 3 hours

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