Honeymoon Experience

In the beautiful landscape of the Santa Domenica valley, we have thought of a unique and exclusive experience for our guests, who choose as a destination for their honeymoon our beautiful island, Sicily, for an unforgettable trip like the wedding day or their honeymoon. To our spouses we propose a special experience, a cooking class in which they will revive uses, customs, traditions, habits, superstitions of marriage in the Sicilian culture of the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century and the typical wedding feast of the time.

During wedding banquets was very common to offer toasted chickpeas and pumpkin seeds that cheered the guests and accompanied the festive dances with a glass of robust red wine.

The wedding banquets were abundant, lavish and rich in wealthy families, more modest but always festive in poor families, peasants. In the menu of the wedding banquets, the protagonists were “maccaruna di ziti” (macaroni for engaged) a hand made fresh pasta, prepared with a sort of little stick, a particular instrument that gives the shape of macaroni. Macaroni, were served with ragout or rather with sauce with pork meat, the meat of the feasts, especially in Ragusa, or in alternative were served huge trays of “arancine” or baked pasta (pasta al forno).

To complete the lunch, the inevitable desserts, mainly almond biscuits and all kinds of delicacies was possible prepare.

The Honeymoon program is a particular experience, in which our chef will prepare with the spouses the typical wedding feast of the time.

Our guests will prepare “la Caponata of Baronessa”, a mix of fresh vegetables in sweet and sour with a topping San Bernardo chocolate sauce. Next step will be the preparation of the traditional type of fresh pasta  the macaroni served with pork meat sauce.

To complete the menu, the dessert that in the past was traditional dry biscuits mainly with almonds and other types… our chef with her creativity and a touch of originality will revisit a little the classic recipes, respecting the tradition and to make them contemporary.

To celebrate this menu, we also focused on details of the table set up elegantly with embroidered tablecloths and special accessories of the time.

At the end of the experience, we thought of a small surprise for our newlyweds, who can always remember their special days!


  • Visit to the Water mill
  • Preparation of the ingredients for the Cooking class
  • Welcome and Lunch
  • Wine: a bottle of Sicilian red or white wine;
  • Time: 3 ½ hours

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